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C4 Corvette - 1984 to 1996 - The 1987 Corvette

The C4 Corvette had grown over the past three model years. From the 205hp Cross Fire Injection power of 1984 the a 230hp Tuned Port Injection powerplant of 1985. For 1986, a true convertible, the first since 1975 entered production. For 1987, there would be no revolutionary changes in store, however, changes there would be.

All Corvettes would receive the aluminum cylinder heads that had been mostly reserved for convertible models in the prior year. A longtime power producer in the high performance sector, yet largely overlooked by manufacturers were roller valve lifters. In the perfomance industry, roller lifters were used primarily for more agressive cam profiles, afforded by a flat tappet valve lifter. For Corvette, the purpose of the roller lifters was reduced friction which would enhance fuel efficiency. The reduced friction did yield an additional 5hp, raising the power output to 240hp at 4,000rpm, the most powerful small block since 1974's 250hp L82. One key advantage of the L98 over the carbureted L82 was torque as there was 345 lb/ft available at 3,200 rpm, while the older techmology could only muster 285 lb/ft at a much higher 4,000 rpm.

Transmission and axle ratio choices mirrored 1986 with base automatic coupes receiving a 2.59:1 rear axle ratio, convertibles having a 2.73:1. Optional on both was the RPO G92 3.07:1 rear ratio and this ratio was still the only ratio available with the 4+3 manual transmission.

A new chassis package was available for 1987, the Z52 Sport Handling Package. This package was for those who wanted the enhanced body control included with the Z51 package, but didn't want the harsh ride that came with it. Z52 included, the Delco-Bilstein gas charged shock absorbers, an auxiliary radiator boost fan, larger stabilizer bars with firmer bushings, heavy duty cooling, an engine oil cooler, the quicker Z51 13.0:1 sterring ratio, and 9 1/2 inch wheels, fron and rear. The cost of this package was $470.00 with 12,662 cars being equipped with this feature. The Z52 package was available on all Corvettes, while the Z51 package was exclusive to coupes only with manual transmissions. This fact may have had a great deal to do with sales falling on the Z51 package by nearly 90% as the costlier ($795.00) Z51 package only found 1,596 takers in 1987.

Preperations to turn a Corvette into a Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette became a RPO for 1987. By ordering B2K, cars received the convertible front structure modifications and a power steering fluid cooler, however the customer or ordering dealer was billed seperately for the Callway Package. B2K also sent the car via Chevrolet's carriers to the Callaway facility, however once there, it was up to the dealer or customer to arrange shipment to it's final destination.

With the exception of the 1995 Indy 500 Pace Car replicas, 1987 would be the last year for a two tone Corvette. The same four combinations from 1986 were still available, and still limited to coupes. The wheels had a minor change to the appearance with the wheel centers and the outer cooling fins being prepared in a gray metallic.

Inside, electronic air conditioning became optional for all models, the driver was treated to an optional illuminated visor vanity mirror. The mirror was standard on the passenger side. Passengers were treated to an optional six-way power seat. The seat was available with either the base or sport seat and required that RPO AC1 Power Driver's Seat was ordered. The "overdrive" lamp moved into the tachometer display having been located in the warning lamp display area above the radio.

After four years of C4 Corvette production, the excitement appeared to be drifring. Sales took another dip, declining to 30,632. Benefiting from a full model year of production, 1987's convertible sales topped the 10,000 mark with 625 units to spare.

Total Production - 30,632
Model Number Description Production Base Price
1YY07 Corvette Sport Coupe 20,007 $27,999.00
1YY67 Corvette Convertible 10,625 $33,172.00

Engine Codes
RPO Cu. In. Horsepower Torque Fuel System Trans Block Code Comp Ratio :1 Emissions Other
L98 350 240 @ 4000 345 @ 3200 Tuned Port Injection Man ZLA 9.5 All Engine Oil Cooler
L98 350 240 @ 4000 345 @ 3200 Tuned Port Injection Auto ZJN 9.5 All
L98 350 240 @ 4000 345 @ 3200 Tuned Port Injection Auto ZLC 9.0 All Engine Oil Cooler
L98 350 230 @ 4000 345 @ 3200 Tuned Port Injection ZLB 9.5 All Export

Color & Trim Codes
Exterior Color Codes Interior Trim Codes
Color Code Color Cloth Base Seats (AR9) Leather Base Seats (AR9) Leather Sports Seats (AQ9)
Black 41U Blue HDD2 / 21C ADD2 / 212 ADD8 / 212
Corvette Bright Red 81U Bronze HEE2 / 65C AEE2 / 652 AEE8 / 652
Corvette Copper Metallic 66U Graphite HBB2 / 12C ABB2 / 122 ABB8 / 122
Corvette Dark Red Metallic 74U Medium Gray HQQ2 / 15C AQQ2 / 152 AQQ8 / 152
Corvette Gold Metallic 53U Red ARR2 / 732 ARR8 / 732
Corvette Medium Blue Metallic 20U Saddle HUU2 / 62C AUU2 / 652 AUU8 / 652
Corvette Medium Brown Metallic 69U Saddle HUU2 / 62C AUU2 / 652 AUU8 / 652
Corvette Medium Gray Metallic 18U
Corvette Silver Metallic 13U
Corvette Silver Beige Metallic 59U
Corvette White 40U
Corvette Yellow 35U
Corvette Medium Gray Metallic /
18U /
Corvette Silver Metallic /
Corvette Medium Gray Metallic
13U /
Corvette Silver Beige Metallic /
Corvette Medium Brown Metallic
59U /
Corvette White /
Corvette Silver Metallic
40U /
Corvette Coupe
Overall Length 176.5
Height 46.7
Width 71.0
Wheel Base 96.2
Track F / R 59.6 / 60.4
Curb Weight 3224 Auto
3216 Man
Dimensions are in inches, weight in pounds unless otherwise noted.


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