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C4 Page - 1984 thru 1996

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C4 Corvette - 1984-1996
With the introduction of the 1984 Corvette, Chevrolet moved the marque from a cruiser to a bonafide World-class sports car. Much like the 1953, Corvette had to evolve a bit for its hardware to live up to the looks. On the chassis front, the kidney-busting Z51 suspension transitioned to Selective Real Time Damping, the adjustable suspension system which allowed for a comfortable ride with excellent chassis control. The 205 horsepower 350 Cross-Fire Injected V8 was upgraded to an aluminum cylinder headed 330 hp LT4 with real dual exhaust and roller rocker arms. The clunky 4+3 transmission, a Borg-Warner four-speed with a Doug Nash built electric overdrive unit made way for a ZF-sourced six-speed transmission. Corvette's list of continual improvements over the 13 year run is almost too long to list.
While the new car was a fantastic machine, there was one major glitch; where is the 1983?
In terms of Corvette's future, Chevrolet executed a serious mistep when they chose to skip a model year by not following the 1982 model with a 1983. The 1983 Corvette was going to be late to market, so the bean counters figured there was no sense in spending all that money to launch a car that would have to re-launch a new model year in only a few months. So they skipped 1983. In spite of this, Corvette celebrated it's 35th and 40th anniversaries, rekindled the Grand Sport, brought back the Convertible, and showed the world a ZR-1.
The C4 Corvette created it's own heritage, from winning the SCCA's Escort Endurance series to the specialty parts and performance people such as John Lingenfelter, Doug Rippie, and Tommy Morrison to name a few. ZR-1's set 24 hour speed records in Texas, and regular Corvette's got their own racing series, the Corvette Challenge, after being booted from the aforementioned Escort Endurance Series.
The new car was billed as "the most technologically advanced car on the planet"; a pretty bold statement. With that in mind let's look at some of the features to back up that statement